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Adding Fuels to Item Generators

In this article we will go through how to add new item fuels to any of the item based generators in the Simple Generators mod using Datapacks.

Creating the Recipe

Folder Location: data/NAMESPACE_HERE/simplegens/item_generators/

The following is the base item recipe.

  "generator": "",
  "fuel": {},
Setting the Generator Type

The generator that you want to add the fuel too, can be specified inside the "generator": "" section. A list of all the item variants follows:

  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_combustion"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_culinary"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_ender"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_nether"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_pink"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_potion"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_soul"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_statue"
  • "generator": "simplegens:simple_tnt"
Setting the Fuel

The fuel item that you want to add can be specified inside the "fuel": {} section using any type available in the Recipe Item Types article.

Setting the Energy Value

The energy value can be up to Max Long value which means you can have a max energy value of: 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Overriding Existing Recipes/Fuels

If you want to disable or replace any of the recipes for the Assembler you can follow This Tutorial