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Void Miners

Getting Started

Tgui.pngo get started mining things using your void miner you'll need to make yourself a Memory Programmer. Click Here for more in-depth information about how to use the Memory Programmer. Some other things to keep in mind when building your Void Miner is that it will need visible line of sight from the Laser Core to either Bedrock or the sky.

Installing Flash Memory

Once you have a programmed Flash Memory you can then open up the GUI of the Void Miner and place it in the slot in the middle as showed in the picture.

Assuming you have the structure built correctly the Void Miner will then show a duration and Tick Cost in the GUI and you will also be able to open the GUI by right clicking any of the Structure Frames or Structure Panels.

The Duration is how long it will take the miner, provided that it has the tick cost worth of energy supplied, to mine an item. The Tick Cost is the energy required per tick to allow the miner to mine at the maximum speed that is currently possible with all modifiers included. If you don't provide the tick cost amount of energy or more then your Void Miner will be slower.


Using lenses inside the Lens Holder on the Void Miner will increase the mine rate of certain items. For example, if you used a Red Lens on a Mineral Miner program, your miner would produce more Redstone than it usually would without the lens. You can also increase that rate even further using Amplification Modifiers.


The following list are all the usable Modifiers in the Void Miners:

  • Frequency - This speeds up the void miner as long as you still have the energy to feed it.
  • Bandwidth - This increases the possible maximum stack size of each mined drop.
  • Amplification - This increases the likelihood of gaining drops based on what lens you have installed.
  • Dimensional - This allows the Void Miner to gain any biome-specific drop in the current dimension.
  • Interdimensional - This allows the Void Miner to gain any drops from any dimension.
IO Blocks

There are two IO blocks that are needed for the Void Miner, you'll need at least 1 Item Output and at least 1 Energy Input IO Block. You can indeed use multiple of each of those IO blocks if you want to.

Void Miner Programs

Each void miner program targets a set of items usually within a certain category. Here's a list of the programs and what kind of materials they mine:

  • Crystal Miner - This mines the tiered crystals in Environmental Core.
  • Ore Miner - This mines Ores.
  • Resource Miner - This mines stuff like various Dirt's, Stones, Sands, Gravels etc.
  • Botanic Miner - This mines Leaves, Logs, Plants, Crops, Sapling's etc.
  • Multi Miner - This mines any drop from any program.
  • Gemstone Ore - Gem based ores such as Diamonds, Emeralds and other crystals.
  • Metallic Ore - Metalic ores such as Iron, Copper, Gold, Silver, etc.
  • Mineral Ore - Ores that are considered Minerals such as Coal, Redstone, Sulfer, Nitor etc.
  • Magical Ore - This will mine magical ores from magic mods if any are present.
  • Frozen Resource - Ice, Snow and other Frozen materials.
  • Loose Resource - Dirts, Gravels, Sands etc.
  • Rocky Resource - Stones and other hard/rocky materials.
  • Flowery Botanic - Flowers
  • Foresty Botanic - Leaves, Logs, Saplings etc.
  • Gargen Botanic - Crops, Seeds etc.