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Solar Panels

The Solar Panels canin beEnvironmental improvedEnergy inare capable of generating large amounts of energy from the sun. The panels have a few ways.ways Youof canimproving replacetheir output such as switching out the Solar Cells for higher tier variants, or switching out the null modifiers with other modifiers.


The following list are all of the usable modifiers on the solar panels:

  • Piezo ModifiersModifier - Allows the panel to generate energy infrom rainy and thundery weather.
IO Blocks

Currently the thunderyonly usable modifier on the Solar Panels is the FE Output. You can fill the other IO slots with any other IO Block although obviously it won't provide any functionality. One thing you should keep in mind is that the FE Inputs can be upgraded and rainyyou weather,may orneed upgradeto do that in order to get the full amount of energy out of your solarpanel. cellsAlternatively toyou acan higheruse tier.multiple FE Outputs. 

Litherite Solar PanelEfficiency


Max Efficiency0.560.640.720.800.880.961.001.00