Adding Void Miner Programs

Adding Void Miner Programs is actually quite a simple process. First of all the directory that these Void Miner Programs need to be located in would be data/NAMESPACE_HERE/envirotech/void_miner_program/with NAMESPACE_HERE being replaced with your datapack/mod ID.

Void Miner Program ID

Keep in mind that the name of this json is also the second half of the program ID. So your Void Miner program id would be in this format: NAMESPACE_ID:VOID_MINER_JSON_NAME for example the Ore Miner's json name is ore.json and it belongs to Environmental Tech and its namespace id is envirotech so the id of its program would be: "envirotech:ore"keep that in mind when you are Creating Memory Programmer Recipes for your custom Void Miner Programs.

Lets create the Void Miner Program

You'll need to create a json file in the location specified above. Inside that json you'll need to create some json that looks like the following example:

   "litherite": {
      "min_duration": 320,
      "max_duration": 380,
      "tick_energy": 1000
      "min_duration": 64,
      "max_duration": 320,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "kyronite": {
      "min_duration": 32,
      "max_duration": 160,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "pladium": {
      "min_duration": 16,
      "max_duration": 80,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "ionite": {
      "min_duration": 6,
      "max_duration": 60,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "aethium": {
      "min_duration": 4, 
      "max_duration": 40,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "nanorite": {
      "min_duration": 2, 
      "max_duration": 20,
      "tick_energy": 1000
   "xerothium": {
      "min_duration": 1, 
      "max_duration": 10,
      "tick_energy": 1000

After you've added that to your json file you can then edit these values to your desire.

Tier Properties

"max_duration" Is the duration in ticks of the miner without any Frequency modifiers applied to it.
"min_duration" Is actually not the minimum duration but actually the point where the miner will double its energy cost on top of the extra cost of the other modifiers.
"tick_energy" Is the base energy cost per tick in Forge Energy units. 

Disabling Miner Tiers

Additionally there is a 4th property that you can add to disable that tier of Miner and that is: "enabled" this property takes only a true or false value. It is pointless to add it if you want to keep the miner enabled because all miner tiers are enabled by default.

Overriding Void Miner Programs

If you want to disable or replace any of the void miner programs This Tutorial

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