Memory Programmer

The Memory Programmer is a machine that uses energy to program Flash Memory. For example you can program various Void Miner programs onto them in order to make your Void Miner mine different items.

The Interface and Programming

memory_programmer.pngBy default the interface displays Categories of programs and you'll need to select a category before selecting a program. If you need to go back to the Category selection screen you can press the arrow button in the top left of the GUI. 

Before you start programming your Flash Memory in the Memory Programmer you will need to supply it with some energy.

To program flash memory all you do is place a Flash Memory Item in the top right slot of the interface and then select a program you want to program to it. Once you have selected a program the Memory Programmer will program the selected program to the Flash Memory and then transfer it to the bottom right slot inside the Interface. Once your Memory is in the bottom slot it is ready to take out and use. Flash Memory can be written over which means you can use your previously programmed memory to add a new program too.

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