Creating Memory Programmer Recipes and Categories

In this article we will look into how to make Memory Programmer Categories and Program recipes.

Memory Programmer Categories

Folder Location: data/NAMESPACE_HERE/envirocore/memory_programmer_category/

This is a base blank category without item Icons:


Yup that's right, all you need is an empty json file for the base category although you will need to add Localizations to the category id using some sort of resource loader or resource pack. Below is what you'd need to add to your lang file to add a localization to the category:

Category Icons

You can add item icons to your Category too, below is an example of a Memory Programmer Category with icons:

    {"raw:item": "minecraft:diamond_ore"},
    {"raw:item": "minecraft:gold_ore"}

Memory Programmer Recipes

Folder Location: data/NAMESPACE_HERE/envirocore/memory_programmer/

This is the base Memory Programmer recipe.

  "categories": [],
  "program": "",
  "r": 255, "g": 255, "b": 255,
  "input": {
  "output": {
  "duration": {"raw:int": 40}

Setting which categories this shows up under is pretty simple all you have to do is get your category id which would be "NAMESPACE_HERE:MEMORY_PROGRAMMER_CATEGORY_JSON_FILE_NAME_HERE"So for example if you wanted to add your recipe to both your own category and one from environmental tech you could do the following:

"categories": [
Program ID

The program id would be for example the id of the void miner program.

"program": "envirotech:crystal"
Flash Memory RGB

The R, G and B values are for the color that the memory will show up as after programmed. Each value can be between the values of 0 and 255.

Input and Output

The syntax for input and output items can be found in: Recipe Item Types

You will most likely want to just use the Flash Memory item that is in envirocore so the format for that would be:

"raw:item": "envirocore:flash_memory"
Overriding Recipes

If you want to disable or replace any of the recipes for the Assembler you can follow This Tutorial

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